Internet and Technology

The globalization in today’s world has led to several advancements in technology, and the Internet is itself a technology as it connects and enables data connectivity between computers and makes the world a better place to live in as it has made a lot of things possible and also reducing the gap between people and places.

In this article, we will learn how the Internet and technology have helped people, and technological advancement has reached another level.

Utility of Internet

If we are to state the utility, space will fall short as everything today has the involvement of technology and thereby the Internet, be it in the field of education, mobile phones, cable tv, communication and whatnot.


There are numerous uses of the Internet and technology in education, like gaining information such as the news, historical data, or communication. That’s the reason education becomes more comfortable and flexible. The fast and relatively low cost of access is one of the significant benefits to people and students all over the world.


This facilitates shopping as people do not need to go out and look for products in shops as everything is available online and the user is just a few clicks away from placing orders.


Also known as Net banking, it allows carrying out banking transactions easily by sitting at home through our mobile phones. People’s arrival in the bank branches has come down appreciably as the services are available in net banking 24×7. 


With various platforms such as Google Pay, PayTM, and many such online payments applications money has been digitized, and transactions can be done with the involvement of cash.


Internet sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. connect people online and enable them to form social groups. Many political and social organizations make use of these platforms in promoting information, Ideas, views, and opinions on any social/political issues, and their interest among the public.


Online chat tools like messenger, Skype, and other video conferencing platforms help people to connect 24 x7 and have a hassle-free business-related or personal discussion. This avoids unwanted travel and saves time for productive use.


  • Internet helps in achieving faster communication. Families and friends can always keep in touch. The platform for products like SKYPE allows video conferences with anyone in the world who also has access to the same platform.
  • It provides abundant information on anything and everything. People can find information on almost any subject. You can attain tons of resources through the search engine within minutes.
  • People can learn, teach and communicate in a worldwide classroom as the sphere of knowledge has widened nowadays.
  • All of us love using our laptops, smartphones, and tabs. The Internet is one of the biggest reasons for our spending so much time on these gadgets.


  • Hackers can create viruses that can snoop into your personal computer and rob your valuable data. Users’ personal details such as name, address, credit card or bank details, and can be accessed by those who are planning illegal activities when used on the Internet, resulting in huge monetary loss.
  • While people learn a lot through the Internet, it also wastes a lot of time in wasteful activities and is also not healthy for kids who gain a lot of unnecessary exposure through the Internet at a very early age.

Difference between Internet and Technology

The terms may seem interchangeable because the Internet is what enables most of these technologies. Without the Internet, the cable company can’t develop its super-efficient ad targeting technology. The Internet is a technology that enables data connectivity between computers, whereas technology refers to the software or other mechanisms that leverage internet technology.

To quote an example, with the use of the Internet, a cable company can telecast digital video to your television. With other software technologies, the same cable company can discern your general demographic and make sure you see the most relevant ads.

You and your neighbour might both be watching the same thing, but both of you may see entirely different ad commercials. This requires technology beyond merely exchanging information between the cable box and the cable company.

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